Curriculum Vitae

Everything I have done (with a little editing involved)

Post Producer
2019 Listing Impossible Television Opener
2019 Jack & Coke
2019 Jack Daniels & Ginger Beer

Animation Producer
2019 San Diego County Water Authority UWMP
2019 Honda Passport

VFX Producer
2019 Base Hologram Buddy Holly
2019 Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Magic Paws
2019 Bond Touch Never Apart
2019 Base Hologram Maria Callas

Narrative Short Films ~ Director & Writer
2017 The Lottery, Women in Film & Television, Nashville, TN
2015 Midnight Munchies, Ultra Violet Films Production, Murfreesboro, TN
2013 NSA: A Modern Love, Ultra Violet Productions, Murfreesboro, TN

Documentary Short Films
2015 PORTRAIT: Erica Wright, Ultra Violet Productions, Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN
2014 A Field Guide To Happiness ~ Book Trailer, Ultra Violet Productions, Murfreesboro,TN
2012 PORTRAIT: Stephen Smith & The Making of the Magic Flute, Ultra Violet Productions, Murfreesboro, TN
2013 Ultra Violet ~ Songs & Conversations Album Trailer, Refinersfire LLC New York City, NY 2011 PORTRAIT: Jerry Blackstone, Ultra Violet Productions, Ann Arbor MI
2009 The Making of the Christmas Cantata, Refinersfire LLC Murfreesboro,TN

Music Videos
2016 Seven Franchetti Songs, Refinersfire, LLC, Murfreesboro, TN
2015 Canon for Maunday Thursday, Refinersfire, LLC, Murfreesboro,TN 2013 Vivamus mea lesbia, Refinersfire LLC Murfreesboro,TN
2013 Amabo, mea dulcis Ipsitilla, Refinersfire LLC, Murfreesboro,TN
2013 Carmina Catulli ~ Album Trailer, Murfreesboro,TN
2010 Because I Could Not Stop for Death, Refinersfire LLC, Woodbury, TN

2016 What’s Love Got To Do With It?, Maptia (April) www.maptia.com
2015 How to Not Get A Work Visa, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency (Feb.) www.mcsweeneys.com
2015 Down on the Farm, Refinersfire (June) www.refinersfire.us

Stage Direction
2018 The Terrible Legend of Victoria Woodhull, Solo Fest, New York, New York
2018 The Terrible Legend of Victoria Woodhull, The Fringe Festival, Los Angeles, CA
2014 A Christmas Story, The Webb School, Bell Buckle, TN 2012 Bus Stop, Nashville, TN
2010 15 Minute Hamlet, The Webb School, Bell Buckle, TN
2009 The Underpants, St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD

Stage Management
2013 Thirteen, Canon County Arts Center, Woodbury, TN
2011 Now You See Him, Nashville Repertory Theatre, New Works Festival, Nashville, TN
2010 Sanders Family Christmas, Murfreesboro Center for the Arts, Murfreesboro,TN

Film Festivals
2017 The Lottery, Murfreesboro, TN International Short Fest
Cannes Short Film Corner
Chattanooga Film Festival
Austin Spotlight Film Festival
California Women’s Film Festival (Winter)

2014 Midnight Munchies, Murfreesboro,TN
Tennessee Women’s Theatre Project, Nashville, TN
39th Big Muddy Film Festival, Carbondale,
Illinois Short Sweet Film Festival, Cleveland, Ohio
Laugh or Die Comedy Film Festival, Chicago, Illinois

2013 PORTRAIT: Ultra Violet, New York City, NY
Tennessee Women’s Theatre Project Festival, Nashville, Tennessee

2018 Nominated “Best Actress” ~ Lindsey Shope for The Lottery California Women’s Film Festival
2016 Hillsdale Grant Winner - awarded $12,000 to support the short film The Lottery.

World Traveler
Traveled to Cannes, France for 2017 Festival
2016 Traveled to UK, France, & Italy
2014Backpacked through Portugal, Spain, Morocco
2011 Backpacked through UK, Ireland, Sweden, & Italy
2010 Germany, Austria, & Czech Republic
2005 Hong Kong and Macau